You're not only heroes to animals, you're heroes to all of us who care so deeply about animal welfare.


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Please list names, ages and breeds of all current pets.
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How many adults in your household? How many children in your household? Ages of each child?
If yes, how many hours per day? Where will your pet spend his time while you are gone?
you have never had a pet, please provide us with the names and telephone numbers of three personal references. What is their relationship to you?
How will your new pet get daily exercise? Where your your new pet sleep at night? How many hours will your dog spend outside per day? Do you have a fenced in yard? How will you confine your new pet to your property?
What “normal” dog behavior challenges are you prepared to deal with? (e.g., chewing, housebreaking, barking etc.). What reason would you return a pet? What behaviors concern you the most? Would these cause you to return the dog to us?
If yes, how many litters per year?
If yes, please describe the circumstances.
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